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Grain can change the packing also decent man - with a gift packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Grain can change the packing also gift decent people the feed and grain is the so-called, for every day we come into contact with these things, are not what packaging, if any, which is the most simple, is very general. But often at the feast, gifts, the simple food packaging is a problem! Today will bring you a professional packaging design of grain packing, let you send m can send out the face! Hill with all packaging is the hill along a grain packing, whether all are so beautiful, gifts can be decent people? 'Sweet' and 'chicken rice' the two box respectively corresponding to the laba festival and New Year: the former packing in red color, the packaging is a circle of rice porridge with sizes impression figure, visually convey product information; The latter packaging designed to emphasize the lunar New Year festival atmosphere, food, tableware and gold ingot elements into the modern symbol, forms a circular pattern, also some scattered throughout the packaging. With the theme of food packaging customization products, hope that common grain can, with the help of design have different aesthetic feeling. Often to the New Year, gift giving became a headache, but with this grain packing, perhaps after a gift also, it is not what difficult things!
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