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Good packaging manufacturer in Shanghai, where gathered - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Where is the good packing factory, Shanghai have gathered remember since 15 years in the second half, little hin online to see someone say that the Internet's winter is coming, so far as not fully recover. Ah, as one of the packaging industry professionals, want to say is small hin winter has come, feel the cold was more than the Internet industry! The packaging industry is also in Shanghai. If someone says packaging cartons, paper industry is booming now, feel the small hin what people may not understand. Shanghai where good packing factory? Small hin learned from the China packaging industry summit, in more than 30 a packaging enterprises in our country, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. Packaging industry is a big a trillions of production market, but there are so many little friends playing together, they communicate with each other also is not very good. Actually that is the whole packaging industry, small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for the vast majority of poor market main body cluster together. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the transportation cost, research and development capabilities, production equipment, such as convenient is weak. View for the Shanghai market is like this, if you unchanged, the market will force you to change and market force you do you still the same, the result is, of course. 。 。 Whoops - — Hang up! Now has arrived, the cause of this force you to change it is said that there was a man called Pearson has to visit our Shanghai. You might want to ask who he is, he came to do, and the packaging industry and have what relation? Hey hey, if you ask this, then you lay. Pearson is chairman of world packaging organization, officially launched the world packaging center to Shanghai site selection program in China, Shanghai, Beijing has become a city two alternatives. World packaging center in the planning of total investment of more than 80 yuan, is a global packaging enterprise, organization, group headquarters base in China, the world's packaging industry decision-making, information, services, technology and communication center. Of course, the world packaging center also offers a building in the next five years '2 + 6' strategic planning of the commercial sector. What is '2 + 6'? The so-called '2 + 6' refers to the two economic entities: the bales center international square and the center of the international industrial park; Six service economy: investment management, exhibition display, communication training, competition evaluation, journals and web portal. The world packaging center has what function? You also don't say, world packaging center base function of planning is quite full. It combines creative packaging design, office, scientific research, the results of incubation, exhibitions and other multi-function at an organic whole, the tallest leadership organization will hold the global packaging industry the world packaging organization ( WPO) Official institutions, China's packaging industry top 500 China packaging federation of industry, packaging industry at home and abroad, production enterprises, packaging industry leading product research and development institutions, the group communication, creative design, excellent organization and a series of organization of the industry's top. As the saying goes back to enjoy the cool uncle, there is a world's leading packaging organization in time, is more conducive to our Shanghai packaging industry's friend timely access to information, improve the quality of creativity and service? Don't know, other small hin but small xinyi company Shanghai packing has been focused on leading edge, small hin is sure to make good use of this resource. We served many international brands, always follow the tide of packaging industry, efforts to provide customers with the best design and service, if not enough good, small hin how deep those big international brand trust? So, if you want to custom box, choose, let your products immediately with the international. The average person I don't tell him, choice, boost your sales promotion. Let your appreciation for a raise when CEO to marry Bai Fu beauty took to the peak of life!
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