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Good McDonald's says the unclean on the new coffee cup netizen group of chao - by the United States packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Well McDonald's says the unclean on the new coffee cup is the net friend of chao during the holiday season change into new packaging could have been the major merchants idiomatic activities, McDonald's also at Christmas to coffee changed the red cup with full of festive atmosphere, color red cup printed on a pair of white cotton gloves, winter cotton gloves on printed with 'the most warm greetings! McDonald's new coffee cup is originally a very common thing, but a man named @ Sam Sykes says there are only net friend, gently on the cotton gloves to add a few pen! Add coffee cup quickly after several meters peoples to quickly find a wave of the original image contrast, can't look straight into the? Contrast figure is more a netizen called @ Reddit poked a hole in the middle of the 'gloves',, feels the dirt out of the new world! 吗? These two picture widely circulated on the Internet, comment is also very good, here small make up select several representative: It 's the most accurate advertising for McDonald' s I 've (seen! This is the most accurate McDonald's advertising that I have ever seen. 麦当劳的公关团队会喜欢这个早上醒来。 McDonald's pr team this morning to see when it will fall in love with it. Some netizens also comments on the original shape the same may be a coincidence, but see printed with 'the most warm greetings' just can't calm down. New packaging on holiday to gain consumers favor no longer fresh, McDonald's consumer attributes, determines its impossible taking luxury packaging line, McDonald's, the new coffee cup of don't know is intentionally or mistake, but for marketing, it is a success. As uniqlo video event, although its content indecent, unsuitable, but within a few days as on street corners hot topic, sanlitun uniqlo stores even become a big 'attraction'. Video events over a long period of time for the uniqlo increased visibility and sales.
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