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Gift packaging colour collocation characteristics - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Gift packaging color characteristics of the product quality and packaging is good or bad, directly affect the product sales. People, in terms of choosing the first impression is very important. Because the first impression effect on the subconscious mind. And that packaging attract customers by the product color, color. And then, through product packaging graphic, make a selection. Different product packaging requirement for color different packaging have different color, different products have different characteristics, different colour configuration can produce a variety of different characteristics of the products. The use of colourful boxes for gift packaging color embodied in the uniqueness. Specific color is to point to some of the color in packaging design, this should be according to their attributes match colors, but such general colored pictures, designers tend to do exactly the opposite, using color, let the packing of the product stand out from similar products, the processing of this for us to make our vision more impressive. Color is accord with the prevailing color, is the information of product designer, the spread of the international trade. The use of color in modern packaging design really cause a lot of economic benefits of the product. Annual international fashion colour association released fashion colour, it is according to the international situation, market, economic era, and that purpose is to give a person with psychology and the balance on the atmosphere, creating a harmonious nationality: soft environment of color vision psychological change is very complex. Printing packing the content of the product for some color said with a fixed understanding, the color is called color products. Such as dark brown represents tea, orange represents the orange, green represents the vegetables, coffee is derived from the coffee. All kinds of products have certain common properties and unique personality. Medical supplies and entertainment supplies, cosmetics, and cultural and educational supplies have larger attribute distinction. And the same kind of product is also can be differentiated, such as drugs such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and tonic. The boxes on the color details of how to treat, play the feeling of color elements ( Physical, physiological, psychological) To the performance of typical character.
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