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Gift box is more and more people - simple packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Simple gift box is more and more populist every festival, to visit friends and relatives do not lose the grade, rise up a flood of gift box, box for a three. Is therefore supermarkets spring zone appears unusually lively, all kinds of gift box has attracted many people stop to choose and buy special purchases. Visit found that today's gift box, people start, packaging is simple, affordable gift box gradually into the mainstream. Violet butterfly gift bag gift zone around a circle, found that most of the goodies gift box, such as biscuits, mixing drinks, puffed food, the price is in one hundred yuan the following, some biscuits gift box prices even as long as 20 yuan, and the price is relatively higher concentrations in the gift box of health food, but the price basic also maintain in hundred yuan, before packaging exquisite, expensive necessities box now has been difficult to find in the supermarket. Look full of beautiful things in eyes of necessities box was placed near the entrance of the supermarket shelves, look, a lot of goods are in sales promotion. Lovely pink bowknot gift bag in order to seize market, now more and more manufacturers will be launched before the holiday gift boxes, but most manufacturers design gift box are simple and do not break is festival, expensive high-end box has very few. From the overemphasis on fancy packaging, return goods itself, whole gift boxes of goods is more economical and practical.
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