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Gift box in the design of color selection and grasp - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Gift box in the design of color selection and grasp different colors convey different emotions, in any kind of packaging design, colour is the first factor to consider, especially to convey the emotional communication between people of gift box. Gift box in the design of the choice of the color and it is particularly important to grasp more. Before understanding different colors to express different feelings, we first need to understand that the color of the following concepts. The tea gift box of color changes in temperature is not all strange feeling believe that a lot of people on the color changes in temperature, warm color is red, yellow, orange means that a few kinds of color, reminiscent of the sun, fire, etc. , give a person the feeling of warm, Ming yan, these few cool color is blue, green, reminiscent of the sky and the sea, give a person the feeling of tranquility, deep. Now most of gift box design won't choose red, yellow, and blue these obvious warm or cool color, brown gift box, for example, if we judge it is to belong to cool color and warm color, is about to see it in the twelve color wheel, is close to scarlet or turquoise. The weight of the perfume box colorific weight feeling color are mainly decided by the brightness of color. In general the colour of the light color with tall lightness and hue cold feel lighter, white the lightest; Deep dark colour with low lightness and hue of warm color feeling heavy, including black heaviest. The same brightness, high purity of the sense of color is light, and cool color lighter than warm colors appear again. Generally placed children gifts or small handicraft gift box will choose a lighter color hue, placing a man gift box will choose the color hue is heavier, more low-key composed. Color sense of distance on the same plane, some colour feeling giving a person is outstanding, closer, to feel some colour retreat, far away. In general, color sense of distance is determined by the colour lightness and hue. The closer the warm color gives a person the feeling, the more the farther cold color gives a person the feeling. The clearer the closer color gives a person the feeling, the farther the fuzzy color gives a person the feeling. Imagine, feel the midday sun, consigned to close to you, and the moon in the cold, a blur of them knowing you can't have them. In the design and production of gift box, use warm color can highlight the theme, and use cool color to move can foil theme. Color in addition to this a few commonly used concepts, and some concepts, such as sense of taste, simple sense, these need we observe carefully, slowly experience in life. High-grade to gift box, packing box, such as the choice of the color and the master has been a major topic, it not only produce visual effects, further to act on human's emotion, affect the person's mood.
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