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Galeries lafayette salute chanel Gabrielle handbags - again packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Galeries lafayette again to salute the Gabrielle Chanel handbag Gabrielle handbag is the latest Chanel launched a bag, the bag's name is derived from Chanel's founder Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. Gabrielle vanity bag from the picture we can see it in two chain, has called it double chain bag, two chain is one of the most common single shoulder. On the catwalk model shows a different kind of back method, a single shoulder chain, another root in inclined back before the bosom, this method presents a 'V', is a unique, even the big cousin liu back out to show. Liu if this is the most classical design in the bag is double chain, then another way to more practical design is bottom of different body and package, the package is relatively soft material, use the bottom of the bag relatively hale material, this can not only ensure put something in the bag is not deform the bag destroy the aesthetic feeling, but also is very convenient in bags for all things. In addition to the above described about Gabrielle handbag design, we can from other places to find small sweet home baby's exclusive symbol. This bag is very ingenious, it is spring and summer gift for sweet fans; Package body ling case grain is classical Chanel classic elements. Each bag design has a few kinds of color choice, but I believe you will choose the classic black and white by Gabrielle vanity. Packaging as a professional bag factory, see this kind of bag began to product packaging design, from the design concept of bags and handbags brand positioning are considered. If you want to design exclusive brand positioning packaging design, packaging have been!
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