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From the top of the pyramid of the haagen-dazs or a luxury? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
From the top of the pyramid of the haagen-dazs or a luxury? All along, the haagen-dazs ice cream is defined as a high-end luxury brands, it from its packaging, display and its ice cream several times higher than the others, you can see on the price. While it is true that a luxury positioning for haagen-dazs had fallen on the market, but as people desire for luxuries gradually weakened, haagen-dazs to have to change the market strategy. Haagen-dazs haagen-dazs brand owners, general mills, the recent plan to modify the brand of 'luxury' marketing strategy, plan to stay away from luxury image of the brand too pursuit of desire. The first step is to change the packing of the haagen-dazs, reduce use appears high gold and black collocation, keep the brand exclusive deep red, and the more modern commonly used line minimalist design element. Haagen-dazs is very wise for outer-package of products to do, because now the definition of luxury brand has changed, it is really can contact, and aesthetic experience, simple point said is brand is not easy accepted instead. Luxury goods packaging design in plain words, it is more ground, instead more easy to succeed.
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