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Freeze books are works of art, whether also can so - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Whether freezing books are works of art, packaging can also such two days ago, small make up to see a frozen book, is very good-looking, so can't help but think, frozen packing also can achieve! Freeze book - — Crystallized Books freeze Books of the old Books 'frozen' up Crystallized Books is the artist Alexis Arnold's work in San Francisco, she used borax will experience related technology development or old Books into nature as if excavated antiquities from the ice sheet. Through this kind of 'seal' books lose their function, in the form of Arnold hopes to show it on paper this carrier could face a future. Freeze books while freezing is to raise people's enthusiasm for books and present an idea, but this combination of ice crystals and paper with a beauty in it, if your bag also have such effect, will be to lead 300% of bag? Packaging as a professional bag manufacturer, we are also trying to increase our connotation, hoping to make more guest satisfaction the packing of the products, also hope to be able to produce more creative packaging products!
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