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Food packaging reference to food - more and more packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Food packaging more and more to the food packaging for reference, the original is both protective and functional and decorative requirements in one of the product. As the food industry is becoming more and more thriving, on food packaging ideas become emerge in endlessly, food bottles before depressing the mechanical packaging impression to the person is becoming more and more be reversed. A growing number of Japanese and Korean food began to seek inspiration in the food, some food packaging to make the packaging forms directly. Follow below small make up take a look at a few typical cases together! Yogurt yogurt mask packing South Korea recently yogurt mask mask of lactic acid bacteria can be in beauty makeup the guys in the site, at first glance, would think that it is more than a bottle of raise happy, put in the wrong, in fact it is a mask. Mask used in the fermentation of raise happy more ingredients, flavor, and color and also keep happy much is very similar, so Eva content in social circle can Po won a praise the Lord. STARBATH 'starbucks' scrub STARBATH 'starbucks' body wash protect brand STARBATH scrub South Korea last summer in South Korea are all the rage, because its brand name, LOGO, bath dew fragrant air, packaging, etc. , are like the starbucks' looks like. The STARBATH products cover shower gel, grind arenaceous cream, body lotion, hand cream, etc. , which stars ice bath shower gel and body lotion, outer packing USES is 'starbucks' paper cups. Distance is starbucks cups. Feel very wonderful? Our common food packaging is general bottle container canister, sexless muji is a bottle of bottle packaging, just the shape more rules, to Jane to no logo, no big breakthrough. The food packaging is not is not to subvert our traditional understanding and impression. In a general impression on our products is long or side of the box, box, in fact, if another train of thought, such as similar special-shaped box, packing box to make and product or to make food. For packaging customization enterprise, these are good ideas, is not?
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