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Food packaging design trends - in the future packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Food packaging design in the future development trend for a food, consumer's attention is undoubtedly one of the products; But, food packaging is also condensed the producers a lot of work, even in the proportion in the product price is not low. From the custom packaging design focuses on the following several Suggestions for food brands: 1, the unusual shape more and more companies require different shape box, asked to do some changes of the breakthrough tradition, rather than a regular shape. Relatively new changes in this area is to use injection molding plastic end cover. 2, the texture of material rich texture of the material in the food packaging has been very popular. Texture often is to pass on a piece of paper embossing lines produced flowers. When people pick it up, you'll find it gives a smooth cardboard and standard or different touch. While using smooth or inferior smooth effect, is more, but most of the customer or preferences with texture of material forming a inferior smooth effect. 3, showing the main packaging through the outer packing can see within the perspective of content packaging, is becoming more and more get the favour of consumers. Although the effect you can do it through board openings, but many brand marketers are selected through a combination of packaging to achieve this goal - — In a cardboard structure embedded in a plastic window. Cardboard and plastic in the future there will be a very effective combination. 4, flashing dazzling on food packaging, has started to use flashing dazzling materials packaging, attract attention in order to achieve sales goal. Special effects printing ink, paint and metal materials are joining the trend. Manufacturers strive to this innovation made his product is different, but at the same time on the overhead cost, so both can obtain such appearance effect and more cost savings way, that is the use of metal in the printing ink or gloss effect of bead light oil. In the future, we will see more in the market with ornamental dazzling paper box. Although people maintained a passion for food, but a nice food packing box can also attract customer's attention, at the same time show the grade of the product. From the perspective of women, the box design, delicate, beautiful is the most value of women.
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