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Food baking packaging into life packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Food baking packaging into your life, working rhythm is accelerated, small set alone or meet friends, holding a coffee whispered, slow shanghainese, under the mode of the fast pace of urban life, occasionally slow time the more the more valuable, more is the fast pace of life, the more I need to slow down this way. All kinds of packing cartons have been integrated into the life, see not fresh, packaging is the product of the external image, is the most important 'gift' to consumers. Creative special gift bag good packaging can beautification products, promote image in the eyes of consumers, the increase in the market influence, especially in baking industry, people are eating in the desire for material benefit and enjoy the process of packaging has become more and more important. As Hong Kong, the rise of Taiwanese food, and the European and American countries baking technology exchange, further to baking packaging industry. The trendy of baking products and packaging of trendy almost simultaneously, one of the leading enterprises in baked goods and even the packaging, the packaging of baking industry began to develop in the direction of the, gifts series, personality, whether products or packaging began to pursue their own style and characteristic; Packaging design began to focus on baking enterprise culture, brand positioning and consumer aesthetic personality, differentiation and regional market competition situation. Song emperor brahman Godiva dessert food gift box packaging research and development of products, mainly stems from the reality of life, starting from the heart, we advocate of high-end products. Us to grasp the packaging image, from the perspective of market, consumer insight into market changes, for baking products tailored food packing box, to maximize the packaging to the product promotion, products covered by the terminal channel stores the category, the product category, size, specifications, components and other requirements are accurate market demand, product production material is given priority to with food grade material, according to the customer's product features a one-on-one positioning and upgrade, to meet customer demand as the first at the same time, and not lack of delicate and the market, always standing on high-end market seven colourful clouds.
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