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Fitzroy Navy Rum Rum, another name is 'waste' packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Fitzroy Navy Rum Rum, another name is 'waste' of the drinks sold in the shop are basically there will be a layer of packaging label paper, when people drink the beverage discarded bottles will be particularly serious effects on the land resources and water resources. Amsterdam's creative agency Fitzroy is always changed decayed for magical ability, they provide a good idea for many small and medium-sized enterprises, and these ideas can be both business and culture. Fitzroy as 'beagle' ship designed a model named Fitzroy Navy Rum Rum packaging. Fitzroy Navy Rum JiuPingGai unlike other wine and beverage packaging, Fitzroy decided to let the bottle itself become a kind of packaging, do not use the traditional label paper. Fitzroy Navy Rum bottle of Rum with waste, cap with the seaside discarded label paper production, after processing, the post-it notes are different, don't let people guess out it is made of old coke label paper. Fitzroy Navy Rum bottle Fitzroy Navy Rum bottle of Rum is recycled From the beach, did Fitzroy is only in bottles of Rum 'From term to term' label paper, used to put the bottle and the cap in place. Give rum to redefine the packaging at the same time, it also convey a message, your consumption patterns in consumerism of the check for you. Fitzroy approach the rum wine packaging and the packaging has been insisting on the starting point of green power is very similar, is in an effort to better protect the environment.
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