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Fans 'jumping to' Pepsi design new packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Fans 'jumping to' Pepsi design new packing Pepsi ceng hotspot recently advertising have been mercilessly dozen face, however, even in advertising Pepsi supermodel Kendall Jenner was ironic low IQ. In Internet users view, Pepsi's new advertising not only ridiculous and offensive. In order to save the Pepsi ads crisis, Pepsi Sai He and mother powder Will Hammack redesigned the Pepsi logo, and make the new packing. The fan design of Pepsi packaging they designed 4 different packaging, including calls for LGBT rights, support for women's rights, support Black sport Black mattress of Matter, and there was called for preventing environmental risk Dakota underground oil pipeline construction. Pepsi bottle though Sai He and Will enjoy expression Hammack idea is very good, but Pepsi was clearly not going to do to take risks such style advertisement tried political and social issues. Hot spot if rub of good, can achieve the goal of brand promotion, but apparently Pepsi didn't rub well this time, had planted a big fall. PepsiCo has decided to continue last year 'Say It With Pepsi' emoji expression bottle, producing a new generation of emoji jars. Pepsi Sai He and mother powder Will Hammack redesign coke packing is seen in the bearing and the expression of the importance of the brand concept, PepsiCo decided to make a new generation of enjoy jars and recognize the expression bottle packaging is really able to contact the design of the young people, for the brand, completes the target consumers of product packaging to achieve the purpose of expanding the brand market, such as the design of specialized packing box, ceng hot just opportunistic behavior, they would be in ceng bad brand image crisis, do more harm than good.
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