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Express advocate environmental protection and energy saving - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Fedex packing advocate environmental protection and energy saving the emergence of jack ma, online shopping is increasingly boiling. In recent years, with the rapid warming of online heat, express packaging is becoming more and more 'high grade' atmosphere. Differ as a result the quality of the product, product packaging and left three right three layers, and the bottle is tall, many choose high-end material such as: art paper, touch paper. Such as glass, tablets, more delicate goods, packing at least four layers, the first layer is the packaging of the product itself, the second layer is bubble membrane, the third layer is the paper, combined a Courier bag, finally, several laps on the tape. BT mall shoes taobao shop owners and buyers are fuck broken heart, in addition to worry, if the goods are damaged electric merchants there is another important consideration. As network seller, customer evaluation is essential, is also for this reason, many sellers while knowing that the excessive packaging will lead to rising costs, but in order to avoid the customer to give bad review, had to crustily skin of head in the packaging. Is also so, the state administration of advocating user moderate packaging, reduce the Courier packaging waste. La mer Lamer food boxes, each year for shopping packaging material not only caused huge waste, also bring environmental pollution. In electricity used packaging transparent adhesive tape, for example. It is understood that the main raw material for PVC tape, PVC is people usually said. 'Waste PVC in the soil after at least 100 years to decompose naturally. 'The professor pointed out that a large number of the use of disposable PVC products will cause serious damage to the natural environment, tape containing formaldehyde and benzene, will hurt people's skin and respiratory tract. Pioneered the use of green canvas bags, cotton bags are hanging in the mouth. Are we going to start from their own packing also, contributing to environmental protection.
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