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Environmental protection bags do potted, have you seen? - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Environmental protection bags do potted, have you seen the name of environmental protection bags is real environmental protection bag, someone started to grow plants in gunny bag of environmental protection, environmental protection bags do potted, have you seen? Environmental protection bags of potted saw no, put the vegetables in the canvas bag, isn't it cool? And than we common ceramic pot, the advantage of the canvas bag is big! First of all, ceramic pot is very heavy, is petite sister accidentally will be broken, and potted plants, there is no such situation of canvas bag; Secondly, ceramic pot permeability is not so good, plants need sunshine, more need air, ceramic will let the plant roots is less than air and sunshine, good permeability and canvas bag is managed to avoid this problem. Finally, ceramic pot is generally going to out sourcing, and environmental protection bag would be easier, home made this old bag can be potted is very practical, more increased environmental protection bags of environmental protection! Environmental protection bag, as a kind of common cloth bag, role actually could be infinite, I think a lot of flowers, potted plants can consider custom handbags, add an interest for your product!
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