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Environmental protection bags can also be very fashionable packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
More fashionistas back up a variety of image hand-painted canvas bag, unconsciously, canvas bag has entered the urban life of our environmental protection, fashionistas, star blog, back up all fashionable canvas bag of environmental protection. Environmental protection bags, canvas in daily collocation, sometimes if carrying simple sense is not very good bag, it is really flat back a most simple canvas bag, seem simple, clean, have fan! How to look at the street snap rocks are tie-in canvas bag! Canvas bag leisure wear take environmental protection, with simple white letters recreational canvas bags, canvas bags can not only match contracted wind, even can restoring ancient ways is pure and fresh art van fusion, tie-in high-heeled shoes and cloth coat, no acosmia feeling! Canvas bag canvas bag 'comeback' environmental protection, is the result of people environmental protection consciousness enhancement. According to the 'plastic limit order', will in all supermarkets, shopping malls, marketplaces and other places of retail shall practise a system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, shall provide free plastic shopping bags. 'Plastic limit order' limits the use of plastic bags, prompt attention to environmental protection, at the same time also inspired by the mode of people pursuit of beauty and fashion. Novel design, simple style, especially it is a symbol of a kind of fashion healthy 'lohas' attitude towards life, canvas bag become people rushed to buy hot item, a 'package'.
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