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Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden - box packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden box ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) The brand was established in 1960 in the United States. Arden product line including skin care products, cosmetics, perfume, etc. , in the beauty industry enjoys a high reputation. Some say arden for the nest of incense, carrying signs and 'beauty is the crystallization of nature and science'. The climbing performance and praise from all over the world make it a world famous food brand. Lady Elizabeth arden in 1910, Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) Founder, Florence Nightingale graham ms borrowed $6000 from the hand of the relatives, New York's fifth avenue in the center of the American fashion opened his own beauty salon. Soon after, Florence Nightingale graham was renamed Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) As the name of beauty salon. In 1922, the first by Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) Officially launched the perfume make myself. In 1932, Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) Has set up 29 high-end specialty stores in the global cities. That same year, Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) Lipstick series. Elizabeth Arden1933 listed in the 'eight hour cream' classic products has been favored by the majority of consumers, it is also a famous model, professional photography and stylist favorites; In 1936, Elizabeth arden ( 伊丽莎白雅顿) Introduced the market was the 'green grass' perfume ( 伊丽莎白雅顿蓝草香水) 。 In 1971 the company sold to other companies, and in 1989 fell to unilever group. In 1990, the landmark 'Cenozoic time capsule', on the basis of the advanced scientific research, break through the bottleneck of anti-aging skin care, which contain the arden unique molecular nail, this product still is Elizabeth arden selling goods. In 1998, Elizabeth arden wrap pure vitamin C composition in golden capsule, created another wave of whitening among boom, and also show arden developing high-tech whitening products form again; 'Green tea perfume' (1999 绿茶) Listed, its innovative thinking and the reference for the first time shocked the world perfume, of green tea green tea perfume so far has developed into a perfume, full of sweet atmosphere bath and body care products series. Elizabeth Arden2002 years of unique volume to tear type 'grape seed mask' ( 皮& 揭示) Will mask maintenance into deeper areas; That same year, arden selected ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings of international star - Catherine zeta Jones, spokesman for the brand, the most attractive and talent of international famous actors, wife, mother and celebrities, with individual style, elegant image, to open a new era of arden red gate, for global customers bring the new concept of 'blooming' beauty. Listed in April 2005, the 'time-space soho frost SPF30' combined with the special effects in the intensive moisturizing and repairing one, the first to use the latest technology ingredients 'hexagon peptide has the class' botox function, make the skin from cosmetic surgery can reply elasticity, effectively reduce the expression lines and fade out fine lines and wrinkles, and to promote natural moisturizing skin water system of active; Elizabeth Arden2006 years, much-anticipated Prevage ® time-inverse orange can is pure condensation, by Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden brands and global leading manufacturer ALLERGAN with special class pharmaceutical factory, in order to pass the medical test has been shown to effectively repair and protect skin antioxidant factor - — Idebenone firman benzene as a core component, bring skin maintains revolutionary new technology, is nearly 50 years history of beauty a breakthrough. Launched in 2007, Intervene when setting frames series, currently the most advanced dormancy technology was applied to the skin care, from the origin of the skin cells bring you solution, coagulation in time for you, keep youth. Packaging as a professional packaging customization enterprise, also the production of various kinds of food packaging, food bag, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, for building the most satisfy consumer packaging artwork.
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