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Electrical contractor requires what features to packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Electricity packaging which function requires every year, people need to buy a lot of goods, they have all kinds of packaging, especially with the advent of electronic commerce, we found that the product packaging is becoming more and more attention. So, a good e-commerce product packaging need to have what function? 1. Durability durability of the packing is the most basic and most important packaging of all performance, the purpose of packaging is primarily to ensure that the products remain the same, is not affected by the interference of outside factors. Such as ceramics, antique, glass and other fragile is particularly vulnerable to external factors, in this case the packaging design soft lining is needed to play a buffer action. 2. The safety of security packaging is one of the very important function. In most cases, the electricity product, in the process of sending goods is usually piled up together, in the process of accumulation can produce extrusion, impact, friction, etc. , when there is damage of the outer packing box, packaging is to undertake the role of protection products. 3. Attractive though said retail gift box packaging need more attractive than e-commerce, but this does not mean that e-commerce packaging do not need to pay attention to appearance. A good product can let consumers take the initiative to recommend to friends, family, and a unique packaging as well. 4. Any packaging material cost saving sheet or coil from factory. These are usually is a standard size, and each new product size may be different from other types of products. In the design of the packing, if you can't eliminate waste, to the greatest extent will increase the cost per unit, and lead to lower profits, thus affecting the competitiveness of the products. Also, the cost savings depend on the target consumer market. This is actually a simple equation, because for high spending consumer group, the price of the product will be enough to cover the expensive packaging. The size of the product, that is, the length, width, the width and height, should be considered in the most detailed way, so that the packaging is neither too small nor too big. People sometimes say, design a product the packing box with the design of the product itself is of equal importance, because the electricity packaging itself will need to have many functions, its ultimate goal is to meet the needs of all humanity.
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