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Dragon is so cool, how no one to use on the packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Dragon is so cool, how no one to use on the packaging? What is a dragon? , of course, is the emperor of the decorative pattern of dragon robe. Every time somebody put body can made headlines, visible put this thing how compelling, so why not dragon handbag? Let's say those who wears a dragon robe's headlines! There is a hot news yesterday, a hubei university boys wear himself in class, at that time was, visible effects of dragon robe is very severe ah. Looking at our 'emperor' class, recess, rice meal in person, the picture is too beautiful, small make up can't see! In addition to the little elder brother, the most sensational is our fan bingbing! Dragon robe on the fan bingbing was a sensational, each big media is as hot hype, fan bingbing collocation on the attributes of take out news flood dragon robe is time. But as a member of the packaging world packaging not only want to ask: 'why are there no enterprises use the decorative pattern of dragon robe for bag? There are many enterprises try to that direction, but the effect not beautiful. Dragon gift box dragon this dragon gift box is used as the main design, but can't give a person the feeling of extreme luxury, why? First, the design scale, there is no perfection from the details, this aspect, we can packaging designers can help you to do, Second, the choice of the paper does not reach the designated position, have qualitative feeling more paper, no hold up the colour and design; Third, printing technology is not standard, design of printing color display is not bright, these we can is to be able to help you! Custom box, select the packaging, to save time, effort, worry!
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