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Dragon boat packaging hits, what - you like packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Dragon boat packaging, although you like what kind of the Dragon Boat Festival in the far in May, but if you are packing industry, so you must have started preparations for the Dragon Boat Festival packaging, today we brought a lot of the Dragon Boat Festival special products packaging - — Rice dumplings package! Packaging zongzi is the Dragon Boat Festival is the representation of the product, and for the dust invariable zongzi, merchants also changed in a uming like miss the zongzi gift bag, draw string bag design method, is very unique, and general carton, and after finished also can not take a place, or can be repeated use, a rice dumplings package is very practical. Traditional packing gift box packaging or such traditional zongzi, use made of coated paper or paperboard cartons, adding a variety of traditional elements on the box - — Green, bamboo, etc to foil a Dragon Boat Festival atmosphere, sometimes with some dragon boat element, more have a dragon boat. Packaging as the product of jacket, is also a product of the facade, if didn't do enough on the packing, so must be lacking, especially for rice dumplings itself changes little sex products, this product is more need to change the status quo of gift box!
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