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Double tenth defy spirit 'ban' - a packing industry packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Double tenth defy spirit 'ban' packaging industry recent king glory of fire. This small hin to comfort taobao designers, ask double tenth one this year, taobao packaging designers to prepare unemployment! Because ruban and strengthen the & # 8230; … In may this year, alibaba launched a super god's 'artificial intelligence' & # 8212; Lu! Class! Ruban 7 '1. 700 million 'double 11' banner business, only need a 'ban' alibaba? 'Was also released a shocking data double tenth last year but only test last year in this year's' ban 'formal mount guard after quota more surprising double 11 2017 400 million zhang Banner will be designed by ruban per second is equal to about 8000 posters. So this year double you call taobao artists want to place an order before 11 design dialogue is likely to be that way you can say that the primary designer will be replaced! Someone can receive a message like this AI in the background, not only you think not you can't do. With design team in packaging designers, however cannot be banned, because packaging designers need to brain, is often said that because small hin packaging industry designer to do it. Commonly used products such as women, AI engineers know where not to consider? But what packaging designers know, on behalf of the beauty of women: preferential associated with women, roses, butterfly, feather, etc. Children's products will tend to use animals, dolls, children, etc. As the main elements of packaging design, this kind of practice is joint product attributes, easy to attract customers, but with a bad design is too popular design. There is a special product with hand-painted, more can reflect the designer's a culture. Has an excellent packaging design team, design out many original packaging products.
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