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Donna Karan introduction - brand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Donna Karan brand to introduce Donna Karan is the famous designer Donna Karan founded with own brand name haute couture. Donna KaranDonna Karan, since its establishment in 1984 to the & # 8221; Modern clothing for modern design & # 8221; 。 She is based on the intuitive understanding of women's needs and desire, created a head-to-toe & # 8221; Concise and seven pieces of & # 8221; Concept, and turn it into an evening of swaps of suits. This is a revolutionary idea at the time. Hallmarks will shape, touch the perceptual stretch fabrics, cashmere fabrics, the quality of leather and metal work together, perfect combination with black background. And Donna Karan New York and its fast fashion industry partner DKNY is to resort to New York represents the international style. Donna Karan with the idea of creating perfect image from head to foot, Donna Karan New York and DKNY achievement brand, Donna Karan brands including hosiery, eyewear, intimate apparel, etc. The brand of DKNY has Jeans, Juniors, Active, City, Kids and Baby. Men's clothing series also equipped with special decorations, its fashion. Donna Karan New York pay attention to lifestyle and DKNY, novel beauty series, including high quality perfume, air home decorations and luxury bedding, etc. DKNY brought lively contemporary style. Donna KaranDonna Karan brand is rooted in the New York life style, the unique urban flavor, unique modern rhythm; Strong self personality and new ideas; Style is concise, full of emotion; Good at fusion opposing subject; Fashionable penetrability and strong, her clothing is the garment of multicultural language expression, comfortable, convenient and functional. Donna karan, brand is the perfect combination of creative artistic quality and quick market response. Donna Karan, as one of the world's top ten luxury brands, in the global promotion is far from hermes and Louis vuitton so strong, but with constant originality in Europe and has many fans in the Hollywood fashion. Packaging is also, as a custom packaging company, has been adhering to the heart of craftsmen, seiko spy, twenty years for the production of the real world first-line brand high-end luxury packaging. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us!
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