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Do with BaBa plate so heavy taste! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Do with BaBa plate so heavy taste! We all know that the phrase 'saying' claims, we work hard every day is also in order to be able to eat delicious food, they become indispensable items tableware, in our impression, tableware ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, bamboo and even paper tableware, but have you seen made of BaBa tableware? Tableware of the Italian designer Gianantonio BaBa from cattle BaBa produced all kinds of household articles for daily use. Gianantonio from a certain sense is not professional stylist, he is a farmer, has nearly 3000 cows, producing tens of thousands of litres of milk a day, but the cost of cattle is higher and higher, and the 3000 head of cattle from nearly 100000 kilograms of cow dung, and Gianantonio want to if we can put the cow dung used to make money? BaBa museum Gianantonio bought large equipment, the use of cow dung release of methane to nearby villages electricity, and then emptying cow dung inside of urea, it made a called Merdacotta material mixed with clay, he pinched the this kind of material made into different shapes, and then burning to finalize the design, has become pieces of art. Later, he and his friends used Merdacotta built a museum of art, because the cow BaBa peculiar color, the art museum has a feeling of restoring ancient ways. Although Merdacotta this name very good to listen, to use all kinds of household products is very restore ancient ways, but made of BaBa plates, still feel that can't accept! The taste is too heavy! Packaging as a professional manufacturer of packaging customization, although very appreciate Gianantonio design ideas, but to make brand packaging or can't use cows BaBa oh!
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