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Discuss why green packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Investigate why green packaging in the modern society by the promotion of green consumption wave, more and more consumers tend to choose green products is harmless to the environment. With green packaging box or bag and have green logo of products, in the foreign trade more easily accepted by foreign. In China the proud than competitive, the depressed market results in the printing business the imbalance of supply and demand, in addition, the printing enterprise's core competitiveness, more and more can not adapt to the requirement of market development. Among them, the mode of production factors, lagging production technology, there is also a cause of defective material performance, due to the low production efficiency and product quality, production and material consumptions, power consumption is big, the production cost is high, the existence of this phenomenon, is advantageous to the state advocates low carbon economy, green production, environmental protection policy and objectives. So, only follow the rules of market development, the printing industry to green printing production mode, to enhance the ability of enterprises to control the market. High-end clothing bag red green is one of the most common of nature color, green represents hope, green was also the representative of international environmental protection organization association logo color. However, packaging and printing process of green manufacturing is the use of new technology, new equipment, new materials, new techniques, new methods and new management methods and means, so as to use and can be well save raw materials, reduce the production material and energy consumption, improve production efficiency and product quality of synchronization, but also conducive to protect the ecological environment and reduce the pollution of the environment, and better safeguard the health of human body. In this sense, packaging and printing of green production process is a system engineering, its quite a wide range of aspects, not only contains equipment, plant, and related supporting facilities of technology innovation, transformation and reasonable design, but also include paper, ink, glazing oil, car wash water, liquid rubber cloth, rubber roller, education version, additives and other printing supplies performance and adaptability to improve and expand. In addition, the application of science approach and management means, method and process to the operation of the traditional approach to technological innovation and transformation, to reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency and product quality, the purpose of this is the important way of achieving green printing process. Product family Jaeger Lecoultre so brand watch box, packaging and printing enterprise shift towards green production process, the most important still is to shift the production and business operation and production management idea, change the mode of production and technology of the traditional backward, for example, when the production need preheat and stop washing equipment, the best arrangement form into the class assignments. And energy-consuming equipment, can be used to avoid the peak season for production, which can better realize the rational utilization of energy, reduce the production cost. Small hin ground say, the real green packaging on the one hand is to use some recycled materials, reduce cost increase the utilization of resources. On the other hand, in the production of gift box is used when recycling biodegradable material, green environmental protection to recyclable packaging waste can decay decomposition. Reduce the impact on the environment.
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