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Digital camera box - custom cases packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Digital camera boxes custom cases with the popularity of photography, many low-end consumer groups has also become the potential customers. Customized packing box camera has played a large role, because the fans don't know when photo on the initial contact, or before brand loyalty has not yet formed, it is easy to understand, consumers will be attracted by packaging, first to understand the performance and characteristics of products and specific parameters. If your packing design to capture the surface of the high quality performance, use hd pictures to attract the consumers, this is the most correct choice. To bring us two box camera case analysis: look at this box camera, give full play to the role of the propaganda and storage. Use a black color, as a representative of the high-tech use black background to highlight the high quality of SLR cameras, or provide infinite daydream space for photography fans. Material choose grey board for mounting on kraft paper, it mainly lies in its harder features, whether in transit or in storage, have played a very good protection effect. When shooting if you say, want to reflect the many features of the object, to capture the moment's characteristic, is the best show for the object. For camera box, from a number of the side of the box to reflect the performance of the SLR is also very important, you can fully display the best performance, can also use the consumer to buy a special interests to promote products. The following paragraph on the background of pale blue box camera, adopt unique grey board mounted outside coated paper, outer covering membrane, make product box more smooth. Chose the style of flip, flip the edge of the box, using four small magnets embedded, using magnetic increased the open box, this box is used its repeatability, this is very useful, can be used as a storage box, small camera can also store other items. Waste recycling can be avoided, because the product brand can play a better role in promoting. This cabinet and novel design concept for a specific product has fatal attraction, attracts like pure and fresh style of consumers become loyal fans, electronics packaging not only protects the internal goods, but also can help the company improve brand reputation in many other ways, for example, your company is to use a custom packaging, these can help your company to flourish, and development in a better way.
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