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Die-cutting indentation when the cause of the problem - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-23
Die-cutting indentation when the cause of the problem of small hin like most consumers, though not a virgo but it has a perfect heart. Consumers in the choose and buy goods, in addition to the internal quality requirements, also put forward higher requirement to the packaging of goods. Which includes both the requirement of commodity packaging decoration design, including the packaging cartons, paper bags, postpress quality requirements. Small hin to detail to be careful, including compaction for printing material of local produce, any of the details of the accused, don't let go. Small hin simple talk about die cutting indentation problem caused by uneven pressure analysis: process as we all know the first impression is caused by folding, extrusion or crease line mark, the folding carton manufacturing process, the line mark is a in controlling the distortion of the cardboard. Indentation principle is the middle of the cardboard on the surface of two fixed ( Die and punch) Clamp, paper fiber structure destruction, causing the paper part of layered, external form concave and convex line mark. Brand business shoe pressure uneven indentation process, there are generally two kinds of situations: one kind is slight uneven. If there is a slight uneven pressure, may be due to the die cutting knife, line ( Steel knife, steel wire) Uneven distribution, resulting in the moving platform in the die cutting force caused by a skewed, at this time should be equipped with balance knife line on the die cutting plate, force uniform platform. It could also be affected by the paper fiber orientation, paper cutter line vertical and horizontal, indentation effect is ideal. The other is a serious uneven. If the platform into the corners of place appear serious pressure before and after the uneven phenomenon, is mainly the four connecting rod of moving platform support beam height caused by inconsistent, at this time should be to open the die cutting base cover, check whether swinging rod wear, such as wear serious, need to change, otherwise you need to adjust the four pressure to adjust the Angle iron, until the pressure. Present indentation technique is one of important technologies to realize the perfect packaging design, in the production of packaging, to its value. Cut some of the problems, small hin said few words, hope to be helpful to the practical production.
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