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Denim + transparent elements such as fashion look not to understand packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Denim + transparent look not to understand such fashion recently Diesel shows their waste rock ( 摇滚) Wind of 2017 autumn and winter series, as well as the Diesel ready-to-wear line Diesel Black Gold's new. This is new Diesel Denim Lab first capsule series, and the new designer Faustine Steinmetz cooperation. Denim Lab capsule series different Denim design, transparent material to create a Denim on Denim digestion, but small make up only embarrassed, Denim and transparent material, looks like wearing a raincoat, affirmation is not comfortable, and once the body is sweating, will be how embarrassed? Denim Lab this series is very small, even though the person gives on the vision the feeling that find everything new and fresh, but the fashion really look not to understand ah. Denim Lab capsule series high street brand Topshop also out several plastic jeans, as FMCG, for all its flaws, but were soon snapped up, perhaps fashion is we mortals can't understand it. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, denim, Oxford cloth or cotton material of the bag. There are production well. Interested friends may wish to look on our website.
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