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Dandelion yellow in crayon to be 'retired' in the world - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
Dandelion yellow in the world to be 'retired' crayon everyone in childhood has been accompany with crayons, multiple color crayons let us build their own world, in this belongs to our own world alone there will always be a bright yellow, also is what we today call the protagonist - Dandelion yellow. Dandelions painted yellow crayon brand son le on the social network announced that new crayons series products, will use the blue instead of yellow dandelions, in fact this in the world of crayons, color is not the first time update, since the 1990 s began eight kinds of color crayon to be replace. Be replaced the dandelion yellow can cause such a big response because painting and music made a nostalgic marketing their retirement. Dandelion yellow painted first son announced it on social network, attracted the attention of consumers; Then only a dandelion yellow as the leading role of small cartoon, he tells of his own character and help people achieve creation and imagination; Finally on line product packaging hint dandelion yellow again want to retire, to stimulate consumers to buy paint son le crayon products, at the same time also cause consumer curiosity to buy the new crayons. Actually for any product brand, as the change of the market, upgrading of products is inevitable, like painting and music with a crayon color retirement can promote a nostalgic marketing activities, visible paint son le offline product packaging played a large role, whether new products or is about to be retired, this kind of product in the product packaging and also is a good way to do a good job in marketing.
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