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D pooh, VIVINEVO) Deduce the French perfume package - fine packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-19
D pooh, VIVINEVO) Deduce the French perfume package delicate for many people, perfume is an ornament of life, but also a kind of ornament for a refined, sophisticated life. France in the minds of people has become a representative symbol of refinement. Mention them, can let a person involuntarily, leisurely walk in the steps to connect some makeover trail of woman. VIVINEVO perfume from French d pooh the perfume of delicate, with deep understanding of life, the French spirit of artistic imagination, d pooh, VIVINEVO) The feeling of life, fusion flavourists to share beautiful things, from the brand design to the product research and development, creative, refined life with sweet atmosphere unique art restore the taste of nature, accurately convey each person unique exclusive exclusive taste. Ms VIVINEVO heart shore perfume d pooh, VIVINEVO) Heart shore lady perfume package special delicate, rules are different from other brands of perfume bottle shape appearance, transparent heart shore lady perfume bottle can clearly see the pink liquid of perfume, and through 'manual polishing' and other special processing, make the body more fully, smooth, as if could feel the sweet heart of pink, cap design is like the shape of a diamond, the refraction of light can see the shining diamond, probably is the most intuitive d pooh the delicate socialist expressed. D pooh, VIVINEVO) The elegant appearance of perfume is not designed in advance, but according to the sweet atmosphere and product positioning to make perfume packaging customization, this will be for each kind of sweet atmosphere branded purely professional and brand mark.
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