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[Customized packaging] How to make the packaging trusted by consumers?

by:Well Packing & Printing     2021-03-31
According to reliable news reports, a packaging giant cap manufacturing company is about to invest 700 million yuan in China to build a factory, and the location is pointing to Hohhot. This news has attracted the attention of the low-key capping company. It is understood that this kind of capping product is mainly used for the packaging of dairy products, for example, a certain brand of yogurt product has been used. At present, our demand for dairy products has an upward trend, and the per capita consumption has been around 35 kilograms since 2019. Whether the packaging of dairy products is of good quality and good appearance is also a hot topic at present.

The peak of the food and beverage market is always in summer, but the sales of dairy products are suitable for all seasons. The current competition in the dairy market is fierce. As far as our packaging is concerned, there are not many that have distinctive features and are widely concerned and loved. In terms of appearance, yogurt and pure milk beverages are of high value. For example, the blue and white packaging of a certain brand can be said to have occupied the market rapidly and the ranking has risen steadily in the past two years. What are the characteristics of this hot-selling milk packaging box customization?

1. Is blue sky and white clouds standard? Reflecting nature and selection are the prerequisites for friendly consumption.

No matter what kind of pure dairy products, to reflect health, you need a clear answer on the source. If it is a vague concept expression, it will cause doubts. Then what is reflected in the packaging is the natural and healthy manifestation of the management of a milk source.

2. Reflecting professionalism and quality, safe production is the primary factor for consumer trust.

For those who enter the assembly line production and packaging process, the food safety guarantee of the whole process is very important. The use of advanced technology and equipment production is an important condition. The display of strength and ability on packaging must be combined with production technology, core value and enterprise scale . Then there is the perfect combination of precious and precious.

If you can achieve these two points, then you already have the key to the treasure house of the consumer market. Packaging wholesaler box customization is a top 100 brand product packaging company that can create long-term benefits for you. Participated in industry standard customization and won the German Red Dot Design Award. We have a production base of 100,000 square meters and a design team of 30 people. We solemnly promise quality problems or transportation. Damaged and reprinted free of charge. For more inquiries, please inquire:
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