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Custom packaging costs and benefits - e-commerce packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
E-commerce custom box the costs and benefits of the majority of retailers may think packaging customization is brand packaging of another kind of expression, but with the recent shift size weight pricing, packaging customization can be designed according to the size of the product size, can actually save your transportation cost. Then why do you want to care about the packaging customization, and put your e-commerce business to customize the costs and benefits of box is what? Custom e-commerce packaging is a unique opportunity, he will give the consumer to create a memorable opening experience. The packaging is more important than any collateral. According to studies show that people form a first impression of speed is very fast, usually can be formed in 100 milliseconds. And, more importantly, even if these impressions and factual information, people will still keep these impressions. Packaging is the first opportunity for e-commerce tactile experience for all customers, which means that the product packaging first impression can raise consumer expectations of the product itself, and that in the case, can lead to a better customer experience. We received the vast majority of the package may be obvious, because some consumers will feel the more packaging, is called a thief. But this evaluation ignores the inside of the box, in terms of appearance, it is too absolute. Although has revealed the contents of the box on the outside of the box key details may not be wise, but that doesn't mean it can't become more attractive. Even in the consumers have bought your product online, but the first impression is very important. On packaging materials in the field of electronic commerce, the focus of the brand building is not only a need to develop new customers, to create more repeat customers. Packaging customization is not only a simple brand promotion, include custom size and protection of packaging box for the customer. According to statistics, only 11% of the business to their e-commerce packaging is fully satisfied, 80% of the businessman said, they don't want to spend money on e-commerce packaging customization. Custom packaging, however, can be for consumers to create a good out of the experience, so as to create a positive first impression. In addition, many consumers will now turn their devanning process video to their social networks. The video is often watch tens of thousands of times. If your brand package attractive enough, then you will probably attract more potential customers. For a start-up e-commerce shop although there are many places can be worth the investment, but, custom box can be a very good choice. It can be the cost of the investment products to can create benefits beyond imagination.
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