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Custom jewelry boxes, what material to choose from - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Custom jewelry boxes, although what material to choose jewelry industry has existed for more than one century, but its development jewelry box but not too much. With the increase of modern people to the requirement of beautiful sex, in all sorts of modelling on the market of jewelry boxes, what about jewelry boxes commonly used what material, by the package to introduce below. 1. Paper box made of paper or cardboard box is generally independent jewelry box. They are mainly used for gift packaging, so they are not a person's jewelry collection of appropriate selection of storage, most of them are equipped with all kinds of soft fabric lining or MATS, in order to protect the internal components. They are very light, with a variety of colors and patterns, from simple to complex. 2. Leather/synthetic leather jewelry box jewelry box, in fact, is not made of leather, leather instead of it. Leather in the fashion designers and home decoration is very popular, because it looks very chic and expensive, is also a kind of very durable material. Leather is made of men's jewelry box a kind of very popular material, because the leather is thought to give a more manly jewelry box, the appearance of the more rugged, satin and velvet fabric or material such as glass, ms can gift box elegant and delicate feeling. Considering its flexibility, some of the more unusual jewelry store choice, such as jewelry and small bag is made of leather, so that they both have the flexibility, durability and customers want. In recent years, the consumer is becoming more and more interested in artificial leather, because the leather has a very high environmental protection and cost. People must realize that, however, the leather is bad is not the only reason why choose artificial leather products. First of all, the size of the artificial leather can be more than the size of most animals, this means that people can have more choices. In addition, because it is the synthetic production, and therefore can be made according to need more matte or more solid material, in addition, man-made leather will not like leather soften and aging, this means that it can use more long time, while maintaining its original performance. 3. Velvet jewelry box, velvet box, or covered with velvet box, for most people is a very familiar image. Velvet is one of the most commonly used fabric, both can be used to decorate jewellery box inside, can also be used to cover jewelry boxes outside. Its soft look and feel to give the appearance of the jewelry box very delicate, and this kind of fabric in the history of reputation has the very real charm. Authentic velvet is usually a high production cost, combined with its unique flexibility, we associated with nobility. To introduce the above these are some of the common jewelry packaging material, with the progress of the society, also can appear a lot of material in the near future comparatively light, and easy to make, and can be reused, loved by consumers of material, can be applied to jewelry boxes on the package.
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