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Creative packaging bring new vitality - air packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Creative packaging goods bring new vitality impression in the air has been uphold the inheriting the traditional philosophy, conformism, not new. So while the Chinese USES the Cuban side, mild stimulation and more suitable for the Chinese skin, but because of its dull old packaging though dealers in this huge market in China, it failed to give full play to the potential market, will be a huge customer base to Japan and South Korea and the European and American brands. But now the consumer tastes and the market environment has completely refresh, even conservative domestic brands can no longer ignore the importance of packaging, especially high-grade packaging. One of the typical example is the sparrow gazelles. Traditional hundred birds current packaging traditional hundred birds antelope skin cream is yellow round flat iron box, blue white letters written trademark, several bird painting on the surface. To make the customer feel the product price is low, the audience the low-end. Now that the 85 - year - old homebred brand that protect skin again in the new packaging, its products printed on the women's cheongsam illustrations, have the taste of Chinese wind, restore ancient ways and playful. Hundred birds current junior flower hand cream product packaging family attaches great importance to the packaging is Europe and the United States the company's business strategy is commonly used, using customized packaging can make the company's products compared with other company's products more recognizable, but also can make the company's products to achieve differentiation, with a unique visual and packaging design to attract consumers. With many brands to open the Chinese market, at the South Korea and the European and American competitors product packaging has had a great impact on Chinese consumer's vision. Their role in education for the Chinese market to be reckoned with, in addition to some creative packaging process line originating from abroad introduced in China, also because of the contrast, consumers pay attention to the details of the also began to spread to the packaging. Product packaging can promote competition, packaging, as a professional packaging customization enterprise provide exclusive custom packaging service to the customers.
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