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Creative gift box several problems need to be aware of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Creative gift box need to pay attention to several problems in a few days is China's traditional Chinese valentine's day, valentine's day is the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, after each gift box manufacturers, for a period of time before start production are in full swing. But year after year, consumers the change of the aesthetic idea, requirements for the design and production of gift box to keep pace with The Times, the concept of creative gift box was not fresh. Creative tea gift box 1. Creative gift box to line with the market to make creative gift box, you must first master the consumer psychology, strive for consistent and the personality of consumer psychology, packaging and product on the emotional appeal of coordination, make consumers to some imagery to go up and meet the characteristics of goods. To careful consideration to every detail, reflects a kind of brand personality, a kind of attitude, even if it is a kind of faith. 2. Creative gift box must strengthen the visual impact of individualized personalized packaging design to clever use of color create visual impact. , according to the relevant information of brand memory, 83% 1% with the help of a visual with the help of a hearing, 3% rely on the sense of touch. Color has a special important position in packaging design. Because different color can cause people to different visual reflection, that cause different psychological activity. Creative tea gift box 3. Creative gift box shall also have the consciousness of environmental protection in the 21st century is the century of 'green', the environmental protection consciousness has been deeply the hearts. Create favorable environment protection and human health of packaging design is a common goal of today's consumers and designers. But now the excessive packing winds of intensifying, many enterprises blindly think of gift box is look more upscale better, creative gift box requires that companies don't blindly pursuing the so-called high-grade, should be in the life more observation, apply good ideas on the gift box, let a person shine at the moment, and is willing to stop to buy. In short, creative gift packing box should be a clear message, performance outstanding quality, unique and appropriate market positioning and stimulate the senses, and contain rich design culture. Gift box good ideas if you have, and welcome to share with us, as a professional packaging packaging customization enterprise, has 20 years as the world's first-line brand service experience, design and production of products can believe more reflects our professionalism and its value.
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