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Cork paper packaging, it has a Feel - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Cork paper packaging, science is very have Feel first to give you about cork paper, cork paper is what? With pure cork paper cork granule and elastic adhesive through stirring, compression, curing, cutting, trimming, etc. Products full of elasticity and toughness; With sound-absorbing, shock absorption, thermal insulation, antistatic, ant not moth corrupteth, flame retardant, etc. Products are widely used for all kinds of packing machinery, instruments, meters, military products packaging, machinery of the friction brake, handicraft production, as well as various have moistureproof, heat insulation, shock absorption, etc. Small make up today will bring you a cork paper, let you see how cork paper in the packaging application effect! Cork paper this handbag is made of cork paper is Feel? Cork paper because of its special appearance, can give a person a sense of 'return to nature', and cork paper bag features of natural trees of primary colors, no rot decay, avirulent insipidity, moistureproof and waterproof, antistatic, don't be stained with dust. Like an elf in the forest, and not all erosion, pure and clean. Use this material to the bag's young people like it, we can also see in the many stores many such wallets, backpacks are made of cork paper, and the sales is also high. Nowadays know develop some young people like material, too, are handbag manufacturer must be concerned about the problem!
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