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Cool to the chocolate packaging - no friends packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Cool to no friends chocolate packaging recently on the Internet exposes a set of Crude chocolate packaging, netizens have comments on it cool to have no friends! It is understood that this set of packaging is designed by Italian lowe, creative studio Happycentro fencing. Crude organic chocolate contains only two ingredients cocoa with sugar, vanilla, soy lecithin and other ingredients. In accordance with the quantities of the different proportion of cocoa, Crude organic chocolate is divided into four kinds of taste. 70% 80% cocoa, cocoa, respectively 90% and 100% cocoa. Crude chocolate packaging packaging design has a principle, Less is more, Less is more. Happycentro also pursued the classical principles, in order to show materials pure, only chose two kinds of material production box: cardboard and hot metal foil. Raw board although cheap, but with a simple ecological beauty. Hot metal foil itself has magnificent visual feeling, directly mark the percentage of cacao contains, corresponding to the four different flavors, bold and delicate. Crude Happycentro chocolate packaging designed for four different colors, from the lowest on behalf of the cocoa content of blue to the highest content of ash, the geometry of the concise refined atmosphere. As a professional custom box packing company, have a first-class design team, with dozens of years' experience in cooperation with the world's premium brands, if you have any demand, welcome to inquiry to us!
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