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Cookies in the packaging attracts you - with beautiful appearance packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-18
Biscuits with beautiful appearance packaging attract you when it comes to packaging, we first think of is food packaging, today small make up to introduce the packaging design is cookies. In the supermarket, by the similar products the first attract us is their packaging design, in order to obtain consumer's eyes, their packaging design must be different from other similar products. On the shelves they must show the unique charm, then can let consumers pay. In the face of unfamiliar foods, when we haven't eat, eyes have been conquered by its appearance. Food packaging designers to designed a distinctive food packaging, will go to the market investigation, and also research the supermarket exhibition frame, so as to put to get to know the same brand goods. Below to introduce a few cookies packaging design, the designers is how to use design language, graphics, symbols to complete information transmission. The biscuit packaging design is relatively simple, lifted the lid of the asymmetric design, combined with brand logo for consumer attention, box surface using different colors and text introduced the taste of the product, convenient consumers choose to buy. The biscuit packaging design and the main difference lies in the biscuit tin outside added a layer of the outer packing, the packaging use different color design level to display products. The biscuit packaging box is more delicate, join in every layer, can place a variety of flavors of biscuits, from appearance seem to have the feeling of a kind of gift packaging, very suitable for as gifts to friends. See the above a few cookies exquisite packaging, will want to have a distinctive food packing box, packaging as a professional food packaging manufacturers, design and manufacturing integration absolutely meet your needs!
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