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Consumption trend of packaging design to explain in 2017 - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Consumption trend of packaging design to explain in 2017 for the brand, how to continue to consumer brand loyalty and novelty is key, and for designers, blindly cater to consumer preferences will also become a thankless thing, packaging design, in particular, its so-called criteria have been actually change with the change of the market. Below take you to understand the consumption trend of packaging design in 2017 shows that: 1, the cold black became popular, perhaps to look 'advanced' POLA that is to say, the mention of 'high-end products', people always consciously looking for black, like apple in five or six years later, the release iPhone7 again back in the black. Also some interpretation from the perspective of psychology, said most of the luxury brands to choose black and white, in fact is to reduce the color itself for the emotional impact, and create a sense of the 'advanced'. The packaging design of this year, the cold black also started to become popular. 2, concise and powerful, it is difficult to design packaging design better but often can give prize domino's pizza minimalist packaging design is very difficult to do, because it requires the most compact elements to convey the brand image, it is concise and powerful brand essence of highly refined, of pursuit is simple and effective way of interaction, the rest is left to a person infinite imaginary space, almost exclude most sophisticated design skills, it's the test designer capability of the task. 3, businesses that sell food more and more pay attention to 'color' the performance of the goods, in a variety of ways to show the inside of the packaging product itself, fresh, natural message Fereikos food packaging in the past, most of the food is heavily armed, seemingly attractive on the customer only through a package diagram, illustration imagine product appearance, generally you'll see a line of small print, write 'photos are for reference only, the product will be subject to physical'. Now, the concept of health, organic, consumers become more and more care about, and merchants grab the customer's psychology, shelves at supermarkets, convenience stores, 'instinctive' shows more and more goods, like visible became eat peace of mind of a standard. So the merchants began showing packaging within the product itself in various ways, attempting to fresh, natural information. 4, sealed packaging also had more image, close to the expression of the product itself Delhaize in general easy to instant noodles, rice, convenient fans on the packaging, there will be a picture of a well-groomed, steaming hot noodles or rice, match the color of bright vegetables, is always can induce an appetite. Consumers now are already accustomed to this kind of packing different inside and outside two cases, businesses are also seeking for this kind of sealed packaging, find more image, more press close to the expression of the product itself. 5, interesting is very important, it is likely to be in a large range of shelves to catch your eye sharp casera in front of the supermarket shelves in a wide range of categories, unless already decided to buy a particular brand of a product is the customer, most wandering in to sell at the stadium of consumer is likely to be on the shelf to arbitrary scored a product is to have a look, and then make a decision to buy it. This time, one of the interesting packaging form appears important all the more, it may be aroused people's curiosity. 6, this kind of form is particularly good, and can show the brand image, and is easier to play out new PLAN N the past, can let your name appear on the product of only books and newspaper illustrator, rarely involved in packaging design. And now, the brand and illustrator cooperation has become more and more popular, illustration became the interpretation of many businessmen to product packaging personality and taste, the best way can interpret the brand image, and are more likely to play out. 7, flat logo on the popular budweiser flattening agitation to satisfy for years, thunder is still very strong, for many years such as adhere to restore ancient ways of literature and art fit them also ran over to reform this year. In the field of packaging design, flat is already popular. Such as we reported before in the logo of global candy maker ( 好时) And BMW's MINI. Adweek website has an inventory in the TOP 50, the company logo features, adopt flat design reached 45. 8, artistic into: colour halftone processing of pop art style, geometry and color of collision of the Hong Kong tiger mark brown sugar nuts beauty makeup industry to create have to be a partner with artists joint set limit to of practice, though it contained nothing more than is all the year round can buy hand cream, perfume, cosmetics, discharge makeup oil, etc. , but change the artistic quality of packaging, often become promotion tips, including shu uemura, Kiehl 's and givenchy, rush, big and small holiday made in this form. And now, the integration of packaging design art has become more and more normalized, extend to food field. Now, come on product packaging design brand too much, both like nongfu spring, come from foreign designers take over project to product proofing, spent two and a half years time sincerity, also like a burger king man, during the holiday season full force to play a flash marketing full work. In this era of appearance level in power, even if you itself is absolutely confident of their products, also or spend bit of idea for its custom box in disguise.
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