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Consumers' psychological - packing packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-24
Consumers' psychological packing gift box packaging, it is very important for a product, not only can improve the class, and protection products, prevent back scampering touch is broken. Acceptable for design, can more vivid image of the cultural connotation of the product, production process, local conditions and customs interpretation. So any product a suitable for its packaging is necessary. A good packing box can add a lot of give you products, customers in selecting cling to his eye. High-quality goods packaging of consumer psychology is the biggest market of marketing, the diversity of consumer psychology and difference determines the commodity packaging must have diverse emotional appeals to attract specific consumer groups to produce the desired purchase behavior. Shoppers are convenient. Such as transparent or open window packaging of food can be selected, composite packaging gift boxes can be convenient to use, flexible packaging beverages can be convenient to carry, etc. Packaging is convenient and easy to use the added attraction of goods, for it is convenient for common consumer psychology. Grid and original clothing box consumers in pursuit of 'practical' and 'material benefit' actual use value as the main purpose, such as the quantity of goods is paid attention to when consumer choose and buy goods and utility, economical and practical, durable, cheap and fine, actually. Consumer behavior is relatively stable, not easily influenced by outside factors, this kind of packaging design to clear out the goods of the trademark, ingredient, measuring, prices, instructions, make consumers be clear at a glance. Those 'form is greater than the content' the excessive packing of the products, even can attract the accidental purchase is difficult to win the loyalty of consumers, the lack of long-term development momentum.
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