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Collocation is high-grade - silk scarves packaging packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Silk scarves packaging how collocation is high-grade early autumn season, usually dress is plain and neat, lack some decorations, so you can add silk scarf to decorate adornment, can not only achieve twice the result with half the effort, also can let you among the trend of the frontier. To family members or friends send silk scarf is tie-in decent gift box is also a good choice. Teach you how to match: small hin when collocation generally have primary and secondary. The basic guiding principles of the silk scarves on at least one color and clothing color is the same. If the clothes and silk scarves are directional printing, silk printing should be avoided and clothing printing is repeated, but also to avoid the same direction and clothes of stripe, grid. Perplex the & # 8212; Silk scarves, chest knot type 1: there is a kind of way is like a red scarf. The knot will look more formal and sobriety. 2, chain. scarves buckle type: direct tie a knot, and then make a knot, formed three mouth. 3, tie-in skirt with shoulder-straps: the scarf around condole belt, from the inside out tie on the chest, besides can adorn color, also can have very good effect on prevention sneaked away! And have very good prevent bask in effect. 4, wearing type: suitable for lazy AiXing person, no matter how, the silk scarves to the clothes is ok. Excessive weather gradually cool, autumn and winter coat is too cold to wear short-sleeved too cold, and cold in the morning and evening, awkward season. Can match scarves, scarves, rise to decorate the action of heat preservation. Friends to the party to do: yarn and fur combine to form the natural stripe, combination of luxuriant and fine just good, suitable for wear on formal occasions. Exceptionally elegant, highlighting the lasting appeal of women. But with these dress scarves had better choose bright color, fine texture, design, meticulous, appear elegant and showily is appropriate. ASILK brown square box outing to do: daily life demand for clothing is relatively simple, natural and comfortable, silk scarves choice is a few bigger, relatively narrow scarves, more practical, with base color is given priority to, to simple design, show the characteristics of light and agile. Warm prompt: packaging decoration everywhere, with silk scarves when had better choose some scarves gift box to place, prevent wrinkle scarves deformation.
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