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Coca-Cola the combined with good new Christmas! - 'packaging' can save image packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-16
Coca-Cola this new Christmas with good combination 'packaging' will save image every year at Christmas Coca-Cola would open big trucks each city tour in the UK, free coke. The tradition has been underway for 21 years. Coca-Cola red truck but with the ascension of the British health concept, Coca-Cola in the UK the impression of the consumers' mind at a generous discount. Many consumers to free the activities of Coca-Cola Santa is not a cold, even the Christmas red truck as wearing icing of public health. The Coca-Cola Santa marketing become more and more bad. This year, but instead the dropped the Coca-Cola yong, even in the UK's largest Christmas launched five years - marketing activities Chrisrmas可口可乐。 They and the British public welfare organization FareShare cooperation, as long as the people to buy a specific packaging of coke, photographed FareShare logo on the package and upload the network, the Coca-Cola company will donate 25 pence to help those people in danger of starvation. This new 'packaging', combined with public welfare is the normal terms of technique, many businesses is not a change in the appearance of the goods, not a luxury, black box packaging line of science and technology, but with the help of a good coat, let consumer impression of the brand to change. Not only with public welfare organizations, even this year Christmas red truck out of coke with low sugar, sugar free choice, instead of the traditional red bottle of ordinary. Once the Coca-Cola Christmas festival red truck turned British icon, eventually rejected by consumers, Coca-Cola in the British Christmas sale may not be so good, the Christmas marketing will get good grades? Interested friends continue to pay attention to cough up!
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