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Coca-Cola launched in face of new packaging - limited edition packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
New Coca-Cola bottles in face, coke, fruit juice brand Oasis in Britain unveiled a new limited edition package, claims to be the first in the world can change the face of the bottle. Company said the new Coca-Cola bottles in face it is because the currently popular 'changing face' and creative inspiration. Oasis new bottle of summer fruits, there are a smiling face is composed of strawberry and cherry, strawberry and cherry respectively corresponding to the eyes and nose, the interesting and novel design can make consumers through any existing in face of the APP to their faces with the pattern on the label. Although most in face of the APP is not specifically geared to the needs of the Oasis, but the user can in the Oasis occupy 'the most important position' on the label. Oasis also clearly aware that marketers can take advantage of interest exchange face technology, through the new way to interact with consumers. To understand the psychological demands of consumers. At present, the Oasis limited edition packing also could participate in the activities on the Facebook page in Oasis and win. The next year for a wider range of packaging innovation marketing activities, such as in combination with various social media platforms, big V, blogger, etc. 'Changing face' has now become one of the most popular entertainment of young people, Coca-Cola's market staff good seized the opportunity to launch a new packaging. For our bag factory, it is an opportunity, is also a challenge, but it is not in the opportunities and challenges, enterprises can progress!
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