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Coca-Cola introduced limited spots - in Japan packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-21
Coca-Cola in Japan limited edition attractions packaging made some say marketing world old driver is coke, water packaging. This is not Japan last week announced a new project, Coca-Cola will multiple tourist city in Japan a limited edition attractions packaging of coke, the city limited edition Coca Cola can be in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, kumamoto within the city and the seto, etc. 250 ml bottle red, white line be drawn the outline of hot spots, and each bottle can only be purchased in local area, if you want to group sets neat, is here the five places. The Japanese city of limited edition Coca-Cola five big city limited edition bottle of Coca-Cola, the most prominent is the capital of Tokyo, Tokyo tower, rainbow bridge on the bottle drawing, with skyscrapers background, Tokyo fashion sense vividly on the bottle. Kyoto limit the bottle, the brush outline of geisha figure, with mountains and near the bridge, is led details in the air. The Japanese island of Hokkaido, the limited edition attractions the bottle is quite rich, there is a landmark in Sapporo tower, Sapporo, television tower, hakodate spots five arrises guo tower, and the father of Hokkaido Dr Clark, also float above the snow, in scope. Kumamoto city limited edition Coca-Cola in five cities, including kumamoto bear home ─ ─ kumamoto, Japan's big three on the bottle drawing kumamoto city, one of the city, the whole picture, full of. Seto within limit the bottle packaging, painting well-known landmark yan island shrine and seto bridge, show infinite extension. Today, the 'product packaging' has become the media, not only has the display function, more social property. But as more and more brands adopt change the packing this way, the old driver Coca-Cola when this kind of behavior will stand out from the crowd? Packaging, as a professional packaging customization enterprise to coke agreed that this kind of behavior, because the adjust measures to local conditions do packing, it is easy to expand and enhance brand known in the local.
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