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Coachella festival of trash too rob mirror! - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Coachella festival of trash too rob mirror! In everyone's impression, the festival should be what appearance! Crowds, drum blatant, enthusiastic! If there is a star singer, it is a music carnival. This year, however, America's Coachella festival is not only a music carnival, and shine in the trash can. Coachella festival bin graffiti on the trash can will be through 45 graffiti artists have the high popularity, but also because these graffiti, 45 artists just also got the VIP Coachella festival pass. Coachella festival graffiti on the trash can, however, the Coachella festival is rife with so much trash can! After understanding, Coachella festival has always been more pay attention to the impact on the environment, and the music festival is just before earth day, so the festival called the artist to do graffiti design for the 65 bins, make its become suction cast in the role of eyes. People fight for a group photo with the bin - — It also became the Coachella festival in addition to the stars from heaven, supermodel street snap, another big characteristic art installation. Packaging as a professional handbag manufacturer, on the packaging for the brand, in addition to add the necessary element of the logo, the other can set aside space for consumers do graffiti, not only increase the interaction between brands and consumers, but also help to protect the environment.
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