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Clothing packaging customization several problems need to be aware of - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Clothing packaging customization several problems need to be aware of clothing box is a kind of contemporary popular a kind of clothing rigid package method, has high strength, beautiful wait for a characteristic. Clothing can be roughly divided into folding box, box cover box of heaven and earth, drawer box, etc. High-end clothing box has been widely popular with the major clothing brand. Clothing packaging customization what details do you need to pay attention to, small make up today will give you a brief introduce. Folding clothing design style box style decides success or failure, we used to say before the design clothing box, we first need to clear the customer's clothing belongs to which type, are business men's clothing, or elegant women's clothing, is adolescent leisure clothing, or a new JinChao card clothing. Required for different types of clothing, clothing box color, style is different. In the design and production of new clothing, box copied before the successful cases of avoid by all means, without considering the actual situation, otherwise it is easy to plant. The choice of material of different materials, directly will affect the whole clothes at the end of the box. Small brands of clothing generally choose corrugated box, corrugated paper thick, strong tension, tearing affordable, but cheaper. In high-grade garments packing box can choose grey card framed coated paper, black paper, white leather, some even use pearl paper, there is the famous words called paper is closely connected with the design, this kind of upscale clothing box to choose the paper, design of space is huge, the choice of process scope is also more widely. Upscale folding clothing boxes and other design and production processes a high-end clothing, box after die cutting, light oil/dumb oil, printing, laminating, etc. All processing. Interlocking, if any, a process they can appear bubbles, glue and other adverse conditions. In the process of printing, also must pay attention to the color effect. Only do every detail, packaging looks pleasing, are reminiscent of the artisans. Luxury clothing box packaging 20 years experience, has been to Europe and the United States a line of clothing brand to provide clothing and all kinds of box parts box, such as silk box, neckties box, wallet, etc. If you have related demand, welcome to contact the packing.
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