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Clothing packaging carton case appreciation - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-08-02
Clothing packaging carton case appreciation modern packaging design is the challenge of brand promotion. The appearance of the packaging carton and e-commerce have led to the growth of the importance of packaging as a marketing channel is increasing. Therefore, the design of the packaging carton now turned into art, communication and convey information important channel. 痤疮工作室- Minimalism and exposure Acne Studio for its products has developed a minimalist packaging design. The color of the box is soothing, and clean the font for the overall image of logo. In addition, the design includes a smart way to show product. In addition to the one side wall of the small out of the window, the box can be consumed. This simple technique provides a better product. Happy socks & # 8211; Lively and attractive color original sock packaging is currently a trend. Happy Socks blend in its creative packaging design. The pattern is very lively, is inspired by a particular series of socks. Happy Socks to diversify its packaging. Some of the boxes are elegant printed paper box. They perfectly designed for a pair of socks. More pairs into a box with a transparent window. The company's smart packing also makes its storage solution. Le包裹, Pastel design Le Parcel is a quite unusual case. This is a monthly package, containing high quality tampons, padding and other products. This kind of sensitive products need the same color and elegant packaging. The design consists of Seven looking Five created. Le Parcel packaging using a soft pink. There are all kinds of materials and sizes & # 8211; From the brand polymer to the carton. Girlfriend collective & # 8211; The inspiration of eco-friendly design also means encouraging use of materials. Girlfriend of Collective is a company producing high quality clothing for women. The unique value of the company is the largest attention to environment and using 100% recycled material in the production of clothing. Girlfriend of Collective cooperate with agents CRP development meet the requirements of the same package. The whole package include carton and bag, which is used to stitch evenly line are recycled. As a result, the clothing packaging, simple in form, but it is very powerful in the message. Through these four cases of brand appreciation, whether you have got the importance of clothing packaging products? Welcome to leave a message.
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