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Clothes make the man, clothing on the packaging - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-22
Clothes make the man, clothing by packing the weather is getting cool, cashmere coat are carried out for a rainy day, long coat over my big long legs, small hin unhappy. That is really wronged my big long legs. Some people say that want to big long legs simply can not wear down jacket in winter, the article in the following up my driver jacket to wear leggings, stepped on my kitten heels, it is no problem of big long legs out. Small hin think: good packaging should from clothing to clothing box itself. Cheongsam clothing box below small hin help you analyze your own opinions. By first-class of the world's leading fashion trends forecasting, the combination of people cast behavior according to the quarterly tracking 1300 catwalk, published more than 150 T stage analysis report. Design trend prediction, series and business update. Thousands of royalty-free printing, graphics and CAD. Dress box according to the style of people, and some of the popular element. Small hin to analyze. First one, the fabric material is very important, it is necessary to reflect the following: comfort, good plasticity, capable of embodying the of the clothes version. Girth design: clothes version generally choose to receive details of the waist, consider a girls everywhere, wearing a tall waist line, increase the proportion of the lower body, easy to wear a big long legs. Three, belt design: garment body with lace-up, close and practical, can meet the different conditions, with the material of the plastic can also easily into any design, decoration. When the cold wind blowing a better effective help girls against cold. For the fashion industry, improve product quality. In the market for VERO what MODA, ONLY the & # 8230; More is comfortable and beautiful but also may not be your first choice, suits own is the most beautiful.
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