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Cigarette soft packages, silly points not clear - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-17
Cigarette soft packages, silly points not clear for each smoker, cigarette packaging should be in the face of things every day, but for people who do not smoke or qualifications shallow, smokers can you distinguish the difference between hard and soft packing cigarettes? Why do cigarette packaging will have the distinction between hard and soft? Cigarette rigid package should be us, one of the more common styles on the market, but if you have a senior old smokers, they often come up with flexible packaging of cigarettes, one of the most famous is the soft bag, compared with 50 yuan per package for a rigid package, price is in 65 - soft bag per bag 85 yuan, the price is higher than many, almost at around 50%. The flexible packaging but soft packages, why can appear such difference in price? From the packaging cost, flexible packaging cost is cheaper shell packaging. But soft packing long time to market, and of the older smokers smoke is soft packing, in order to cater to the habits of the older generation of smokers, and taste, will continue to use old soft packaging and taste. Also is not gay, because positioning for the economic strength of the older generation of smokers, tobacco factory choose to respect their habits, appropriate to raise prices to let them continue to buy, and the scale became the choice of some other smokers, through different packaging to expand the market share, is very clever, also very smart! So, the soft packages of cigarettes, there is the difference on the packing material, using method of the difference, has the difference on the price, more important reason is the time difference, the difference between the market. To find the right market for business opportunities, to success; As if need packaging customization service, you should find a Shanghai packaging, because they are very professional!
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