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Cigarette packet is how ugly how to - packaging

by:Well Packing & Printing     2020-07-20
Cigarette packet is how ugly how to cigarette packet in Britain also like other ordinary goods packing box, how to attract the eyes of the young people how to design. On May 21, but this year, the British to stop young people smoking, introduced a new laws and regulations, completely canceled the difference of the cigarette manufacturers packaging. New rules for cigarette packaging made of dark olive green, square box must be unified. Even the dark olive green, cigarette packet on tobacco packaging font do the limit, they must take the form of unified sans-serif font Helvetica, use the same font size and color. About the dark olive green, it is a kind of between green and brown color, on the Pantone, its number is Pantone 448 c, it also has a nickname is 'the color of the world's most ugly'. In addition, the box body is more than 65% of the area must be written warning and make people sick uncomfortable images to cover, emphasize the negative impact of smoking on health for young people to hope and boring. The dark olive green, cigarette packing box, therefore, at first glance, all cigarette brands have been forced to become consistent and ugly. At this rate, it is bound to affect the interests of the tobacco. Manufacturers in order to promote products, tend to look for professional design and production of novel and chic packaging customization enterprises for their packaging, how ugly how to box except cigarettes may really can't find in other fields.
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